Compliance Services
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Free 15-minute Consultation

The free 15 minute consultation is designed to help identify your compliance needs.

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1- Hour Consultation

1 hour compliance session is designed to identify your compliance needs and help you understand the basics of starting a assisted living facility or HCS provider service. 


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Compliance Assessment (Mock Survey)

Compliance Audit Assessments are comprehensive facility or programmatic audits of regulatory, facility policies and requirements and generally takes 6 hours of extensive review.


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Facility Start-Up & Development

Facility Start-up & development includes assistance with developing a new facility from health to life safety requirements, implementing procedures and policy to meet compliance, and physical organization of the facility.


*Includes policy & procedure set, provider planning, compliance audit assessment, and corrective action planning.

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Corrective Action Plan
(Per Area of Non-Compliance)

CAP's are for clients who have been cited for noncompliance or are deficient in areas of practice by their regulatory agency and want to get the matter corrected in an expedited manner.

$250.00/area of non-compliance

Provider Planning Course

This course is for those developing and/or operating a licensed assisted living facility. This course assists in research, development and implementation of a compliant assisted living in Texas.


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Handbook/ eHandbook
Provider Planning: Preparing an assisted living facility for licensing in Texas.

The handbook is a tool for aspiring, new, or existing  assisted living facility owners who seek compliance steps and strategies to operate an assisted living facility. 


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Emergency Preparedness Plan

This policy and procedure will help your assisted living facility meet the requirements of Texas Administrative Code Emergency Preparedness rule.

A video link is provided within the plan to assist you in completing the EPP. 


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Policy & Procedure Set

Your policy and procedures are developed and tailored to the facility and regulatory requirements based on your facility needs.


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Terms & Conditions

Who is Real. Organized. Advocacy.?


Real. Organized. Advocacy.  is a compliance and regulatory support to service providers whom serve individuals experiencing intellectual or developmental disabilities, geriatric or age related illness, homelessness, and or mental health disabilities. 

What to expect from Real. Organized. Advocacy.?

Real. Organized. Advocacy. hereby agrees to use the information given by the client to create compliance measures, policies, procedures and guidance based upon the clients needs and the government regulation provided for the facility. All information disclosed is confidential & proprietary and will solely be used for the purpose of the services delivery. .

What Real. Organized. Advocacy. expects from their clients?

Real. Organized. Advocacy clients agree to provide detailed information to ensure to reduce errors in service delivery. Real. Organized. Advocacy. is not responsible for undisclosed errors.  

Clients will utilize these services to help them develop, correct and organize their administrative and regulatory responsibilities. Through policy and procedure creation, facility assessments, corrective action plans, and as needed consulting our goal is to help service providers offer advocacy in a relevant (real) and organized manner.

Refund Policy

Due to the number of labor hours to prep, research and prepare for the scheduled appointment there will be No Refunds  R.O.A. consultant time must be compensated. Questions, please email

If a client suspends or cancels services without notice, after the initial service start date, the client cannot resume services after 7 days. A new service term will begin and another service fee will be charged.