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CAP's are for clients who have been cited for noncompliance or are deficient in areas of practice by their regulatory agency and want to get the areas of non compliance corrected without the stress.

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Facility Start-up & development includes assistance with developing a new facility from health to life safety requirements, implementing procedures and policy to meet compliance, and physical organization of the facility.

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This course is for those developing and/or operating a licensed assisted living facility. This course assists in research, development and implementation of a compliant assisted living in Texas.


What does ROA do?

Real Organized Advocacy helps long-term care organizations build advocacy into their practices and procedures. We assist residential care, home and community-based services, assisted living, and waiver-program providers through assessment, corrective action, policy & procedure creation, facility development, and immediate or long term planning. We also have multiple books and guides for all of your long term facility needs. A long term care facility is a place that takes care of loved ones for a long time. With our help, we can make sure you can do that for a long time. We understand how important it is for long term facilities to stay operable. We would be honored to be a part of your journey in making sure your long term facility takes care of as many people as possible.

How does ROA do it.

With a unique blend of expertise, varying talents, and backgrounds in the human services field. This diverse background assists in developing well-rounded and comprehensive planning for clients. It also provides a connection to underutilized resources. We not only connect with people from our diverse community but also with those from other associations such as the Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes (TORCH), Texas Assisted Living Association (TALA), and Residential Assisted Living Academy (RAL) to make sure that you get the best possible advocacy experience. We are all here to make sure that your assisted living facility receives the best care.


H. Grady 
Hazel's Home Care

I’m so pleased and satisfied with Real Organized Advocacy. Thanks so much you have been a blessing."

S. Winbush
Morning Starr New Beginnings

"It's a worthwhile service that all residential care providers should know about and utilize." 

O. Hamilton

Zoe's Personal Care Homes

The best consultant ever worked with. Keep up the good job ROA!